International Couriers Rate Expectations This Year

International Couriers Rate Expectations This Year

International couriers in the UK have had a reasonably successful year this year, with trends towards hiring outside of the Royal Mail growing upon the solid foundations made in 2016. The rate of parcels being sent via international courier service in the UK is set to rise by 40% by the close of market in 2019 – the reason for this? It is widely agreed that the internet and other developing technologies have sparked a surge of success within the global courier industry.


As we exited 2017, among the principal questions amongst shippers is whether the solid increasing trend in sea freight rates in 2017 will resume in 2018. It is a difficult question to answer. It seems that with Brexit looming on the horizon and a very verbal America alienating a lot of cross country trade there may well be a downward turn in the west. In the east however it is a far different story for ocean freight. With more and more developing countries expanding ports previously unattainable cargos will become available. This is particularly prevalent in markets like South Africa, whose economy is likely to keep developing with the same alacrity that it has been throughout the year.


Environmentally speaking there is a bit of a movement protesting food miles, and we expect this trend will continue now that consumers know what to look for. There is an argument that transporting these goods by ship is far more environmentally friendly than the process of flying, and with customers aware of this it could contribute to a spike in international couriers choosing ocean freight to ship. It still remains one of the safest ways for an international courier to ship.


With regards to rates charged by international couriers in the UK it is expected that there will be a small increase in charges, but that these will be in line with inflation and will be minimal. The surplus will only be required to cover growing costs of fuel. At the moment your average price for a parcel sent by international courier that is less than 2kg is still under five pounds. With a projected small rise to accommodate growing fuel costs it is likely that the rate for the same parcel in a years' time will still be less than five pounds.


There are other things to consider too. There is the technological aspect. Just as the internet fuelled a growth spurt in the international courier services market, so it demands more and more from our UK  based couriers. Special next day delivery requests are more and more common, and we must rise to meet demand. New technology is contributing to courier services, and it just might be that it manages to eliminate some of the cost as opposed to the price of parcel delivery rising. New proposed delivery methods include automated cars and delivery via drone. So who knows...perhaps 2018 will be the year that we move away from traditional courier services altogether, and start sending parcels through 3D printers!


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