How Online International Courier Services UK Assists E-Commerce Logistics!

How Online International Courier Services UK Assists E-Commerce Logistics!
We all know that the international courier industry has flourished in the last few years. Since 2012 we have seen a 60% increase in the number of customers using international courier services UK. Why all this growth? The answer is simple. The internet has evolved to a point where online shopping is the norm and E-commerce is coming to be the favoured way to shop.
2017 industry data determined that 50% choose to shop on the internet and that E-commerce is increasing by an average of 23% year-over-year. Whilst these figures are awesome news for both all E-commerce companies, and represent the consumers growing interest in international couriers - the expanding appeal also produces a couple of logistical obstacles on a commercial level that companies have to deal with in order to remain prosperous and ahead of an ever fluid market.

A few International Courier Services UK challenges are as follows;

·       Items requiring shipment vary in size, shape and weight, and is often not exactly the same parameters that were predefined when the service was ordered. When the package takes up more space than previously estimated the clients rate must go up to accommodate that. This creates the illusion of price instability in what is actually a very rigidly structured pricing system.
·       Providing customers with tracking numbers seems an easy task, however, when you multiply the tracking number by a thousand and have to answer daily queries about parcel placement it can take chunks out of your time. Keeping all of your shipments tracked may require its own piece of software and full time staff member to stay organised. This is not so much of a problem for large organisations as it is for smaller businesses.
·       Without proper accompanying documentation parcels can easily become lost or be misplaced. Some packages are sent with only partial addresses, or in other cases the paperwork may have been lost or destroyed en route. These packages can be especially difficult to deliver and they are made even more tricky when international courier services are operating under the pressure of dealing with large numbers of packages. The most obvious solution to tracing a package without accurate paperwork is to try and match its tracking number. If that cannot be done then the courier needs to sift through all of the (hopefully small) number of clients whose packages have been misplaced and match the client to the parcel by hand...not an easy process no matter how few clients you have that day.
To summarise then; although there are various logistical problems to be faced by international couriers themselves, E-commerce and courier services seem to go hand in hand. International courier services UK are making the process of buying online as smooth in delivery as it is in transaction, and the two can only surely prosper together in years to come. As developing countries become more internet savvy we will see a rise in the number of international couriers needed to keep up with demand, and, with E-commerce by its side, this already flourishing industry can only hope to continue to grow.

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