International Cargo Services Weigh In Secrets Exposed

International Cargo Services Weigh In Secrets Exposed
International cargo services do not always expose the advantages of ensuring the weight correct, let's look at why it's so worthwhile. Most importantly, as the shipper, it's essential that we realise exactly how airlines or sea cargo services evaluate our freight with respect to actual or volumetric weight.
With nearly two decades experience in international cargo services, Speedshift can assist you minimise the unfamiliar aspects of air freight and sea freight, especially with regards to the way the carriers consider our freight.
But, let's first consider packaging

Sea Freight packing principles for export cargo services

Not every cargo is created equal. The goods, the style of transport & its destination will influence the ideal preference for packaging. Utilising double walled cardboard cartons, heat tempered pallets or wooden crates can have an impact. In case you are unsure, always ask the freight forwarding company.

Air Freight packing principles for export cargo services

As with sea liners, not all airliners operate the exact same way when it comes to weight and dimensions and differing restricted items. Determine if your freight forwarders plan to make use of a smaller passenger aircraft or a air freighter. It's worthwhile knowing your packing choices to optimise the density.
·       Passenger aircraft max height - 64 inches
·       Cargo Aircraft max height - 96 inches
·       Air freight volume L x W x H in inches divided by 166 = Weight in pounds
·       To convert pounds to kilograms divided by 2.2046

1 Air Freight International Cargo Services

Air carriers will choose whatever weight is greater, actual weight versus volumetric weight. So let's look at an illustration.
·       Using inches, multiply length x width x height to find the cubic inches
·       Next divide the air freight volume 166 to calculate the volumetric weight in pounds
·       Then divide the volumetric weight by 2.2046 to discover your kilo volume weight
Correct packaging designed for the correct type of aircraft, together with the understanding of your actual weight, in addition to your volumetric weight will ensure you stay in control.

2 LCL Sea Freight International Cargo Services

Many consignments from numerous shippers are loaded into the sea freight ocean containers together, optimizing the container space is primary goal. On arrival at the international destination, the container is stored in a bonded warehouse, then unloaded, separated into individual consignment, then subjected to customs clearance before delivery.
Therefore the correct packing really matters. So again knowing both the gross actual weight and volumetric dimensions is key.
·       Using inches, multiply length x width x height to find the cubic inches
·       Next divide by 1728 to find to the cubic feet
·       Then divide the cubic feet by 35.3145 to discover your cubic meters.
Bearing in mind that the sea freight ratio is 1000 kilos v 1 cubic meter whichever is greater.
Key Takeaway
Ensure your pack your goods effectively to satisfy appropriate shipping standards and converse with your international cargo services supplier to avoid any avoidable difficulties and problems.
Speedshift is a full-service international freight forwarder  - for any assistance call 0845 519 0270


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