International Air Freight Continues to Rocket

International Air Freight Continues to Rocket
Inspiring growth figures are the emphasise of the most recent international air freight industry report.  Following some inconsistent statistics last summer, September (2016) demonstrated a worldwide volume growth of over 5% YOY which is welcome news in the industry.
Indicting considerably more than a moderate up lift, the growth for September was singular best result internationally for over 2 years. Sustaining favourable overall results will be a more powerful indication that the international air freight sector is moving into a period of buoyancy.

International Air Freight to Europe Head And Shoulders

The encouraging results were contributed to by an 8% surge in the European sector, figures that haven't been experienced there for quite a time. Asia Pacific observed a 6% growth which is more in keeping with previous data. USA and China reported solid improvement for the same month, which was anticipated, given the end of year growth trend typically commences in September.
Corporations spanning the international air freight industry are thrilled at the performance for the 4th quarter of 2016 and a positive outlook remains. The fundamentals of the research reveal that Q4 2016 had been the best quarter for global air freight demand in  over 6 years.
Among the aspects that propelled the enhanced demand for Air Freight were constant territorial models of growth compared to an overwhelming dependence on a single territory, most commonly Asia Pacific. Seasonal demand has also been stronger than anticipated.
At Speedshift we're particularly thrilled with regards to the opportunities of assisting customers with all of their international air freight services in 2017 and believe this growth to continue. At Speedshift we offer direct international air freight regardless of whether you need to send a few small boxes to a home address or business, industrial air cargo door to door.
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