Freight Conglomerates compared to Independent Freight Forwarders PART 2

Freight Conglomerates compared to Independent Freight Forwarders PART 2
Our world is a huge thing - avoid letting the gigantic conglomerate freight shippers allow it to appear a whole lot larger... That is certainly far from the role of a freight forwarder! Independent freight forwarders can simplify the whole process making your job easier.
How David and Goliath differ:
Freight forwarders employing a huge conglomerate for its shipping will probably be subjected to the marvels of severe categorization. in which no one individual can assist you with issues comprising numerous problems. With these types of a gigantic machines, you are going to have to contend with many of their bureaucratic procedures and slow communications, & lots of number pushing before you get any live support.
In order to support their enormity, many things are installed to streamline their processes, which can make any kind of customisation really cumbersome, or even non-existent without having to work with a third party. 
Smaller international freight forwarders mostly work word of mouth, and our bond is our reputation. This makes us QUITE nimble. We aim to please & spend time understanding what you are shipping, where you are shipping it & what the best options are - not just plugging you into a machine.
Here's a challenge for those of you still using the giant conglomerates for your shipping - If you look back at 2016 and add up all of the delays, errors, damages, and hours sweating over aggravations that you didn't feel like should be landing on you... what would that look like from a costs perspective?
And what about services that they didn't or couldn't handle for you at the time you needed it? What about the costs associated with crating and packing, loading and unloading? What about the time YOU had to spend making sure it didn't all fall apart?
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