Freight Conglomerates compared to Independent Freight Forwarders PART 1

Freight Conglomerates compared to Independent Freight Forwarders PART 1
Our world is a huge thing - avoid letting the gigantic conglomerate freight shippers allow it to appear a whole lot larger... That is certainly far from the role of a freight forwarder! Independent freight forwarders can simplify the whole process making your job easier.
However, undeniably our planet is big and you will discover countless of organisations dedicated to eliminating the international challenges. Speedshift is one of these businesses. As independent freight forwarders, it's our principal obligation to ship cargo around the world.
Essentially, that's are role, full stop. However it's actually not the primary motivation for importers and exporters engage us when considering international consignment shipping. Not surprisingly, you'll discover an plethora of choices to choose from, some of which, are colossal, we're referring to the mammoth freight conglomerates you come across.
Next you have the independent freight forwarders like Speedshift, owner operated, with absolutely no desire to change after more than 10 years in business. If you find yourself curious about this, let's give some thought to a simple comparison.
How David and Goliath are the same:
Firstly, rates for all freight forwarders is chargeable by the carrier's networks. Case in point, all forwarders possess an air transport permit known as an IATA (International administration transportation agency) together with an sea transport permit known as a FMC (federal maritime commission), that ensure everything is managed and regulated.
Furthermore making use of an NVOCC (non-vessel common carrier) company wherein an NVOCC examines pre-agreed charges from the service providers. International transportation corporations will have to obtain a bond, which provides the forwarder a ability to purchase wholesale space from the international carrier organisations.
How David and Goliath differ:
Check back next week to discover the all important differences and key takeaways, read "Freight Conglomerates compared to Independent Freight Forwarders PART 2"
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