Time for a bit of humour - funniest place names Speedshift past orders

Time for a bit of humour - funniest place names Speedshift past orders

Transport and Logistics is a very serious business - but there are times when we get to smile! Speedshift has shipped pallets and parcels all over the UK and Europe. We have also shipped to most corners of the Globe. We thought we would share with you some of the funny places names we have come across when shipping pallets and parcels.

Funny places UK

The UK has a great variety of weird and wonderful place names. Due to our rich history many of these names had quite different meanings in the past.

In no particular order here are some of our favourites.

Twatt - yes really - there is a village on Shetland called Twatt and also one on Orkney called Twatt. Speedshift has shipped to both of these places! Apparently it is originally from a Norse word meaning a parcel of land.

Three Cocks - near Brecon - apparently one just is not enough!

Slut's Hole lane in Norfolk - the poor lady on the phone was most embarrassed giving us her address. Of course our staff are very professional and tried not to laugh too much!

Jackass Lane in Kent. Ironically we shipped some donkey rugs there.

Van in Wales - a remote hamlet near Llanidloes. And what were we shipping?  A Van engine. And where were we sending it? To Van in Turkey. What a remarkable coincidence! As far as we are aware there are only 2 places called Van in the World - and they are 3111 miles apart!

Christmas Pie - yes really - at first we thought the customer was winding us up - but we actually shipped a pallet of Crhistmas decorations to a place called Christmas Pie. It is in the county of Surrey.

New Invention - this tiny village is on the Welsh / English border in Shropshire. Story has it that a local farmer used to put horse shoes on backwards to confuse enemies. The place name dates hundreds of years so this must be where the term first originated! We shipped an anvil on a pallet there so pretty apt!

Funny places International

We have quite a few of these to share - but that is for another article - watch this space!

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