Do's & Don'ts of Pallet Services

Do's & Don'ts of Pallet Services

Using Pallet services is an exceptional method to make sure your company delivers the merchandise. Pallets are durable and stable upon which a wide assortment of objects can be transported; from perishable goods to vehicle parts. A great pallet services company can certainly help keep your business moving with solutions such as same day collection.

Pallet Services Packing - Do's

  • Optimise space, by ensuring you pack everything you can on your pallet. This process will save you both time and money.
  • Pack larger and heavy objects on the bottom. Effective weight distribution is vital with regards to retaining the goods on the pallet.
  • Make use of ratchet straps to secure sizeable or unusually shaped objects; for instance vehicle parts.
  • Plastic shrink wrap is more effective at holding boxes. With regards to the transportation of food stuffs, plastic wrap helps keep the chilled air trapped for much longer.

Pallet Services Packing - Don'ts

  • So that you can optimise the space, ensure that there are virtually no space in between the cartons. The lesser jiggle room, the less your cartons are going to move.
  • Don't let objects project over the edges of the pallet base area as they can become damaged

Pallets - Do's

  • It is especially important to understand the size of pallets so that you don't overpay because your goods protrude into a second pallet space and for drivers to identify exactly what is to placed on to the vehicle.
  • If you are considering using pallet services to ship engines or gearboxes make sure all fluids are drained correctly before hand.
  • Make use of ratchet straps to fasten vehicle parts to the pallet.

Pallets - Don'ts

  • You shouldn't hold off until the last minute to notify your pallet services company.
  • Never use spoiled pallets. Examine them before usage and be certain they are durable. Wood pallets can experience water damages leading to decay at the bottom. This might lead to merchandise falling-off and becoming damaged.

Key Takeaways

Educate yourself and be prepared. Understand what pallet size you're going to be requiring and pack appropriately. Pack securely to maximise value and secure properly to guarantee safe transport throughout passage. When transporting vehicle parts ensure liquids are emptied.

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