Courier Collection Guidelines

Courier Collection Guidelines
Courier Collection from your business or home are supposed to be a quick and simple option for sending pallets and parcels, nonetheless the greatest aggravation is usually being unsure of when the goods  are going to be collected.

Schedule Deliveries Play a Role In Courier Collection Times

The key issues is that scheduled deliveries are always prioritised by the courier and for this reason it's extremely uncommon to have your pallet collected in the morning. The majority of couriers provide 3 timed delivery spots; Before 9am, before 10am and before 12pm and only after these packages are delivered will the operator have the ability to deliver the remaining consignments and only then  can the courier begin their collections.

Courier Collection Tips 

  • The nearer you are located to the depot, the later your collection will probably be. If the closest depot is far from your location you are very likely to have an earlier pallet collection.
  • If you've experienced a number of past collections from your location, for instance, and if on previous instances you consignment was collected at say 3.30 pm, 4.10 pm and 4.45 pm, then you can certainly anticipate that future collections will probably be between 3.30 pm and 5.00 pm, however this is not guaranteed. 
  • Generally speaking, should it be after 5pm and your courier hasn't collected yet, give them a call. Keep in mind that the pallet company needs to collect your package. If they're not able to do this on the day you required they're going to have to make another trip the next day and this is less cost-effective for them, so courier businesses will always try everything feasible to provide the best service first time

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