Christmas Tree Pallet Shipping UK Only 16 Weeks To Go

Christmas Tree Pallet Shipping UK Only 16 Weeks To Go
I know, you're thinking "Christmas.... Really!?". Well the summer is officially over and its only 16 weeks to go. I'm sure everyone remembers what it felt like to wake up to the Christmas morning and see these gifts organized by "Father Christmas" beneath a exquisitely decorated Christmas tree! It's this experience that people want to share with their nearest and dearest. But just imagine your special day without courier industry and no Christmas tree pallet shipping UK.
Shippers use boxes which are fortified so that movement doesn't harm the tree inside. These cartons have a moisture locking system to help preserve the tree's freshness.
Perhaps you have pondered about the procedure behind Christmas tree pallet shipping UK and how they find their way to your city?
The countries greatest tree farms to send the holiday essential all over the country. They use our standard domestic pallet shipping services because we understand what is required to shift a cargo like this.

Christmas tree pallet shipping UK

Shipping Christmas trees across the UK by trailer load is challenging and a lot of companies simply declining to ship them. Allow me to share a couple of basic things that you ought to know:
  • Christmas Trees are ideally carried by dry van or a refrigerated vehicle.
  • Flatbed lorries have got to be avoided
Here at Speedshift, we also ensure there will be shipping support for the driver so they won't be caught handling 100s of Christmas trees on their own.
In general, we are extremely pleased of the services we offer every year to guarantee your trees are shipped on time and in great shape. These Christmas shipments are made throughout the country. Maybe the tree in your home was transferred by one of our service partners.

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