A Christmas Story - Freight International Services

A Christmas Story - Freight International Services
Whenever Christmas time springs to mind, everyone thinks about exciting family occasions, party games, over eating and sparkling presents the world's children have been longing for. Nevertheless, Christmas wouldn't be the same without freight international services and the same is true in reverse the transport industry wouldn't be the same without the holiday season.
The worldwide toy industry is a billion pound market. The nations with the greatest expenditure on toys are:
1 China
3 UK
4 Japan
5 France
Following last year's decade topping revenue records, the toy sector anticipates a further growth of almost 5% in 2018. You may be astonished to discover that toy import figures shown by the freight international services marketplace, remain triple that of game-consoles.

Where does Santa really make the toys?

Even though Santa's workshop is a magically invisible kingdom somewhere in the North Pole, many of his elves are hard at work hundreds of miles away in China. Globally, the toy industry is approximated at around £60 billion. Studies suggest that around 85% of the toy and game industry is produced and shipped out of China.

Who are Santa's Freight International Services Helpers?

It's reputable the leading 5 freight international services companies worldwide are Maersk, MSC, CMA-CGM, Cosco, and Evergreen. This years the number one is CMA-CGM, shipping approximately 50% of all toys in 2017. The remainder being moved by Maersk, COSCO, Evergreen, and MSC

Marvel and DC are on a roll

Its reported that 2016 enjoyed a 5% increase in toy sales on the previous year. The US market alone was $26 billion with action figures such as Superman, Spiderman, Thor and Batman accounting for roughly $1.44 billion.
The most hectic time of year for toy shipping via freight international services companies is between August and November.

Key Takeaway

A great deal of preparation and hard work is undertaken by the shipping industry to put a smile on a child's face. So ship it, send it, post it and make the world a happier place

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