Brexit and Pallet Services UK : The Facts Part 2

Brexit and Pallet Services UK : The Facts Part 2

Last month we started looking at the impact of Brexit on the pallet services UK based sector. To we continue with potential legislation changes

What's likely to happen to national transportation laws?

Dependant on the deal achieved with the European Union, the Government might choose to unravel the gigantic system of UK transport regulation that is based upon European Union directives and legislation. In these situations, what might be retained and what can be abandoned? For instance, will international pallet service UK couriers have to master two lots of guidelines, one for whenever their vehicles are in the UK and different for whenever they're in the European Union?

Then there is administration for Pallet Services UK vehicles going into EU

Paperwork needed to accompany merchandise, trucks and drivers might want to be unequivocal and generally approved to prevent arbitrary enforcement and fees being enforced. The UK Pallet service industry will surely have to remain wary against one-sided decisions increasing "bureaucratic procedure" to cross-border activities. Existing experience indicates that international couriers are certainly prone to unilateral activity by authorities in european member states. The enforcement of any new regulations agreed has the potential to trigger of delays and concern for international activities. As a result getting transparency on what paperwork for supplies, credentials for vehicles and licences for drivers are necessary is a vital component in creating any new trade agreement work in practice.

There may also be pressure to increase fuel duty?

Fuel duty hikes were already in the Treasury’s sights prior to the Brexit Referendum but FTA sponsored study demonstrated that decreasing fuel duty could provide a genuine stimulation to the economy and would give pallet services UK based logistics a competitive edge in a difficult new trading ecosystem.

Next week "Brexit and Pallet Services UK : The Facts Part 3" will look at the import and export landscape

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