Brexit and Pallet Services UK : The Facts Part 1

Brexit and Pallet Services UK : The Facts Part 1

So what happens now. Absolutely nothing will change for the pallet services UK sector until exit agreements have been completed. The Government presented official notice to depart the European Union, on March 29th 2017.

As we have witnessed the negotiations have been extremely complicated and FTA’s job is to contribute for logistics and ensure the Government keeps the Pallet Services UK and supply chains effective and competitive, no matter what deal is decided.

What's The Fuss? Is The UK’s Trade With Europe That Significant? Damn Right!

The European Union is a principal trading partner for the United Kingdom; the value of our commerce with the EU is almost £360 million. 47% of the supplies we exported in recent years were shipped to the EU, while 54%of the merchandise we imported originated from the European Union. Throughout the past decade, exports to the EU increased by over 9%, to £134bn

Consider some of the possibilities for UK’s future trading relationship with European union

What might a new trade deal be like? Let's take a look at some of the existing models applied in other nations

Norway: Operates inside the European Economic Area (EEA) with virtually complete accessibility to the Single Market with free movement of individuals. It sanctions all EU regulations "as a condition of" its Single Market access and contributes to the European Union budget.

Switzerland: Has bi-lateral agreement with the EU, implementing several EU guidelines and contributes to EU financial programs.

Turkey:  Are outside of the EEA however they have operate within a "Customs Union" with the European Union since 1995. Turkey applies the EU industrial guidelines.

Russia: An EU-Russia trade deal building on World Trade Organisation guidelines.

Next week "Brexit and Pallet Services UK : The Facts Part 2" will look at Calais border controls and domestic transport legislation

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