Brexit Impact On Our Borders and European Freight

Brexit Impact On Our Borders and European Freight
Questions are growing around how the trade relations between the UK and the EU might evolve; especially on how to regulate the flow of cargo in the event that customs union advantages no longer apply to European freight.
Inside the customs union, EU members don't enforce tariffs on other members freight and in addition members charge external tariffs on goods from nations outside of the customs union. In part, the basis for the referendum was to permit the UK to independently conclude trade agreements with non EU countries without the need for EU’s participation.

HMRC Borders and European Freight

HMRC stated an expected £800m of financing and around 5,000 new staff members will probably be required to develop an appropriate customs system. It is expected to take up to seven years to administer an efficient operation. Generally there are concerns that the UK is not getting ready for such radical changes. This scenario could quickly lead to traffic jams leading to authorities having to queue European freight commercial transport passing through Dover and the Channel Tunnel, resulting in delays, potential time penalties and spoilage to perishable goods.
A soft Brexit arrangement, a lot like those agreed with Norway and Iceland, may enable the UK to maintain some advantages of EU countries. However, charges would still have to be made to the EU for these rights and Great Britain would not be party to European Council’s decisions.
Whatever the outcome, there is absolutely no question that the international and European freight sector is going to have to make modifications to their trade activities as soon as the new stage is set.
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