Avoid Pallet Courier Hidden Surprises

Avoid Pallet Courier Hidden Surprises

If you company relies on transport partners, managing pallet courier transport costs is crucial to maintain the profitability and perhaps the results of your company. Here are a few indispensable tips to avoid extra hidden expenses in freight transportation.

Pallet Courier Cost Saving Tips:

1 Get it in writing
See to it that you get printed terms and conditions from your pallet courier describing your service in full with all fees listed. You are going to need this document as an email or authorised purchase order, in case the company overcharge later.
2 Weights & Measures
The secret to a binding fixed price quotation is precise weight and measurements. If the pallet courier arrives and your cargo is a different size or heavier than predicted, you'll be charged extra.
3 When & When
An integral part of the pricing of each delivery is how soon it will be delivered. Ensure you have the delivery dates price in writing. For your own peace of mind, if the delivery is critically time sensitive, build in an additional day or two, to prevent any unforeseen delays significantly harming your business.
4 It's All in the Wrap
Make sure that you safely package and plastic wrap your cargo on to the pallet beforehand. The majority of shipping damage can be avoided with proper packaging. Plus you can avoid the anxiety and wasted time of the claims process.
5 Be There It's Only Fair (plus they won't charge you extra)
If your pallet isn't ready for collection when the pallet courier arrives, or you're not around to receive the cargo at the agreed day, you will most definitely be charged for a failed delivery or redelivery. This statement is probably the most obvious, nevertheless continues to be a prevalent reason of extra costs.
6 Shop Around
Pallet shipping costs vary greatly from courier to courier for different; vehicle types, source address, destination address and delivery times etc, we would recommend that you get at least three quotes before making a booking.  


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