Advantages of partnering with independent freight forwarding companies

Advantages of partnering with independent freight forwarding companies
You will no doubt have countless questions to pose when determining whether to go with large worldwide freight forwarding companies or a small independent freight forwarder for intercontinental and domestic freight services.

Definition of Independent Freight Forwarding Companies

An independent freight forwarder is not part of what is generally known as the “Multinationals” with its own satellite offices around the world. “Independents”,  use partners internationally for numerous freight services determined by their client's needs.

Advantages of choosing independent freight forwarding companies as your partner:

More modest freight forwarding companies can be fast to adapt their processes to better match your requirements and also provide versatility in the best way to manage your shipment. Multinational freight forwarders are fixed working with their own international offices to manage your consignment which in some cases is simply not the best choice considering that their office simply may not possess the competence you need in managing your cargo.
Tailored Service and Customer Awareness
Mainly because you're working with a few people in an office of an independent who will take care of your whole logistics activity, independent freight forwarders provide a more personal service that may help enhance your operation as they start to become more acquainted with your operational demands. Customer Service is a primary goal for small freight forwarders.
Price Competitiveness
Smaller freight forwarding companies typically offer lower freight costs due to their lower overheads and carrier choices. They usually offer more competitive rates and more aggressive service and communications also.
Operating Effectiveness and Versatility
Multinational freight forwarding companies have relationships with a specific few freight carriers for sea, air and land freight. While independent freight forwarders have countless other options when choosing the ideal route, and carrier price combo. 
A single tiny slip-up or delay could cost your organisation hundreds of pounds. Independent freight forwarding companies concentrate on making sure your freight is delivered to its destination on time and most importantly, views you as a partner, instead of a number on a spreadsheet.  
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