5 Simple Tips to Select a Freight Forwarder - PART 2

5 Simple Tips to Select a Freight Forwarder - PART 2
Due to the fact that the variety of freight forwarders and the shocking ease of calling oneself a freight forwarder, how can one start to select a freight forwarder that you're able to be depend on?
We have produced a checklist of 5 simple tips to select a freight forwarder. Last week we looked at the first two tips. This week we are discussing 3 to 5:

3 Ensure That The Freight Forwarder Provide The Solutions You Require For Your Consignment

A freight forwarder ought to be able to manage significantly more than simply the air freight or sea freight section of your import or export. They must additionally be in a position to deal with the road transportation part of your international shipment.
I imagine if you merely have a need for port to port solutions rather than door to door delivering, you won't be too concerned, however if they don't provide a hauling choice, that probably says a little something about the coverage and reliability of their network.

4 Ensure That The Freight Forwarder Has Great Recommendations

If you can't find anyone prepared to express how a freight forwarder managed to do a fantastic job attending to their imports and exports, that should be a point of concern. A little unsolicited internet endorsement is a very good sign.

5 Be Certain That The Freight Forwarder Maintains A Great Level of Customer Service

How quickly did the freight forwarders respond to your freight quote inquiry or respond to any questions? Do they seem capable and prepared to talk you through step by step and ensure your shipments reach their destination in perfect condition?
While your customer service contact at a freight forwarding corporation may not have all the answers, they need to be able to get the answers from other members of their team.
Remember, while one freight forwarder may seemingly provide lower transportation costs for example port to port or airport to airport, you will definitely incur additional costs, and very probably inferior customer service.
Take Away : Practice the five simple tips in this article and you will discover a freight forwarder with the contacts and network to provide both the best rate and service
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