5 Simple Tips to Select a Freight Forwarder - PART 1

5 Simple Tips to Select a Freight Forwarder - PART 1
Because of the number of freight forwarders and the astonishing simplicity of calling yourself a freight forwarder, how does one approach beginning to select a freight forwarder that you'll be able to trust?
We have compiled a list of 5 simple tips to select a freight forwarder.

1 Ensure the Freight Forwarder is well established and has real experience

This could possibly be the entire checklist - "Experience, experience, experience"!
It may be relatively straightforward to launch a freight forwarding business, however the international transportation sector is not really the easiest industry to succeed in unless you know exactly what you're doing.
During Speedshift's 10+ years experience as a freight forwarder, we've certainly witnessed many so called, "international shipping" business's come and go.
Several years of international transport experience usually means your freight forwarder has had to deal with various scenarios such as port strikes and closures, cargo rerouting issues and managing difficult customs challenges etc.
Experience results in a freight forwarder that can help you eliminate customs and warehousing dilemmas before they begin, to ensure that your international shipment runs without a hitch.
Experience moreover provides a corporation the opportunities to develop and nurture business partnerships globally, which will ultimately benefit its customers. Which leads us nicely to…

2 Enquire about your freight forwarder's network of international partners

Your freight forwarder will need to have an effective partner network around the globe, furthere more you will need to identify that the company has relationships in the international locations of source and destination to suit your import and export needs.
Speedshift boasts a substantial network back and forth virtually every location worldwide. Maybe you have discovered a freight forwarder that is ideal for transporting to the Canada, but lack the contacts or knowledge to manage your exports to Australia. Consequently, ensure that your freight forwarder’s has the capability to ship to you particular destinations.
International partnerships additionally enable your freight forwarder to provide you further essential services...Check back next week to read 5 Simple Tips to Select a Freight Forwarder - PART 2
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