5 Pallet Shipping No Brainers

5 Pallet Shipping No Brainers
Rest assured, we'll do virtually everything in our control to make sure the goods you are pallet shipping arrive on time and safe. Our customer support staff is just a telephone call away.
Please read and follow these pallet shipping best practises to help us guarantee that your items get there securely and promptly.

Pallet Shipping No Brainer 1

Please make sure your products are properly secured and palletised before shipping. Any items that are loose are at risk of being ruined. Our van carriers do always have straps available to secure your consignment . Please be aware that some truck drivers may refuse a shipment that is in danger of damage and is not secured at the point of collection.

Pallet Shipping No Brainer 2

If a loading dock is not offered at collection or delivery point, then please make sure that you have asked a tailgate in the destination where it'll be needed.

Pallet Shipping No Brainer 3

If your collection or delivery is being made at a residential address be certain that you identify this when booking. Failure to supply correct details can result in transport delays and charges that are unforeseen .

Pallet Shipping No Brainer 4

As soon as your cargo is packed and ready to proceed, get it ready by the collection site with a copy of your Speedshift Bill of Lading (BOL) prepared to present to the driver.

Pallet Shipping No Brainer 5

You will need to supply the name and contact details of your customs agent if you're shipping internationally. Please bear in mind that you'll require a US based broker to manage a US shipments and a Canadian based broker for shipments bound for Canada. As soon as your delivery is booked, please send your customs documentation to info@speedshift.co.uk
NOTE: Failing to supply correct customs records prior to your cargo arriving at the destination customs will result in transportation delays.

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