5 Good Reasons To Opt For Air Freight Companies

5 Good Reasons To Opt For Air Freight Companies

Transportation by sea is renowned for being more economical than shipment by air freight companies, which is the reason why many immediately make use of it as their favoured method. But, there are several factors why air freight ought not to be ignored as an solution, such as the point that it may in reality work out less costly than you believe! Check out 5 reasons to send your next delivery by air.

1 It must be delivered promptly

Air freight companies obviously offer the fastest transport method. As an example, a delivery between Japan and the UK is going to take only a couple of days, however by sea will mean a considerably longer trip of about a month.

2 The cargo is small and lightweight

Whilst delivering cargo by air is commonly significantly more costly than shipping part-load freight by sea or over-land, you will discover exceptions. As a consequence of variations in the method the price of shipping is determined, a small or light parcel might cost the exact same or even less to send with air freight companies.

3 The insurance fees reduce the total cost

Likewise, the insurance premiums for air freight are additionally most likely to be lower than shipping freight by sea. This is as a consequence of it being a faster, more dependable and more reliable shipping means. Once again, ensure that you include all the ‘hidden extras’ when determining the real total price of shipping.

4 You require the most secure transportation solution

All of us are conscious of the higher degrees of security connected with air travel and the exact same is extended to shipment by air. Enhanced security translates to a reduced possibility of goods becoming lost, stolen or damaged in passage.

5 The desired destination is in-land

The noticeable limitation of shipping by sea is that major carrier vessels can only reach a country in terms of its shoreline and this is limited even more to usable harbours. A shipment will then be required to resume its trip via an alternative transport method, that may increase the shipping time and extend the possibilities for hold ups or damage.

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