2017 Industry Trends: International Courier Services UK

2017 Industry Trends: International Courier Services UK
All sorts of interesting things are happening in the International Courier Service industry in the UK on a technological front, with the prospect of reducing our delivery costs firmly implanted on the horizon. Us brit's have rapidly increased the amount of packages we send and receive and, since the Government decided to privatise the Post Office prices there have soared, forcing the ordinary consumer to seek out international courier services within the UK instead of visiting their local Post Office.
2017 saw a steady gain in online ordering. Shipping companies are lining up to answer the strong demand that the internet consumer has created. All across the country we see jobs advertised for self employed delivery drivers that are required to work as couriers for some of the bigger brands – and such work is making money. It is estimated that nine out of ten Brit's has sent a parcel via international courier within the last six months... that's 90% of the population...a number only expected to grow as we take on the new year.
After the huge boom between 2012 and 2016 international courier services have grown to answer demand with supply. All sources speculate that this growth will continue well into 2019. It is a great business to be in at the moment, because even if the political uncertainty of Brexit does not go in our favour, the International Courier Service Industry is still going to boom. With online marketing and purchasing on the increase the Courier industry looks strong enough to survive even if the economy goes into another ever threatened recession.
Between 2016 and 2017 it is estimated that the International Courier market in the UK increased in worth by close to a Billion pounds. It was thought then that this trend would continue for years to come, fuelled by the prevalent use of the internet, by online shoppers and by the growth of developing countries. Mintel conducted a study at the beginning of the year that is full of interesting facts and figures about international courier services in the UK, and you can read it by following this link.
Other trends to mention are new delivery types. The introduction of automated cars has been tried out in the UK, as have deliveries using a drone. Food delivery company Justeat trialled its first ever delivery by robot – although we think it might be a few years before that catches on! Same day delivery is a big riser and will continue to be so well into 2018 and beyond.
To conclude then; we can expect to see a continuation of the current favourable market within international courier services both in the UK and abroad. Shipping by ocean will continue to be a particular favourite as growing countries open new ports and we have access to new areas. New delivery methods are likely to further shake up the industry as we all try to outdo each other to lower costs and streamline efficiency. Whatever happens politically 2018 is set to be a great year for the industry, and we hope the increase in profits continue for many years to come.

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