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Full Size (L120xW100xH210cm up to 1200kg)
Half Size (L120xW100xH100cm up to 600kg)



OUR PRICE £188.63
Norway provide reliable, low-cost euro pallet delivery to Norway from the UK. Our european pallet service is available to businesses and individuals alike.


Pallet delivery to Norway takes approximately 4 - 7 days from collection.

Non EU country special Customs Clearance Requirements.

Ask for details if you need help.


Norway Pallet Delivery Prices

The most common and cost affective route for UK pallet delivery to Norway is overland haulage via our extensive pallet delivery network. Sea and air freight are also available with express delivery by air being the quickest and also the most expensive method for pallet delivery from Norway to UK. We can provide you with these alternative shipping methods on request, allowing you to weigh up the cost benefits of the various pallet shipping options from the UK to Norway, before making a decision.


Cheap Pallet Delivery Quote to Norway

Norway is a busy European country and as such, commerce is healthy, and with good routes in and through Norway, pallet delivery couldn't be easier ... Simply try our online pallet quotation system to get your quick and easy cost for pallet delivery to Norway. We understand that sometimes their may be a need to speak to someone regarding the pallet collection or pallet delivery to Norway and that you may have some questions regarding the shipping, therefore our lines are open and manned in the UK by UK staff should you need additional advice on your pallet collection / delivery.


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